Become a RiderCoach

RiderCoach Candidate Qualifications

  • 21 years of age or older with a valid motorcycle license or endorsement
  • Currently operate a motorcycle on a frequent basis
  • At least two years of motorcycle experience (includes dirt bike experience).
  • No suspensions, DUIs or revocations on your record within the previous two years.
  • Candidates must be moderately fit, capable of handling mild physical exertion.

Before you apply be aware that being a RiderCoach takes commitment! The course is approximately 70 hours.
You must attend all sessions of the RiderCoach Prep Workshop. You must also coach a minimum number of courses each year to remain certified.


  • Internship - Upon successful completion of the RCP Workshop, you must complete 12 classes with MTA (paid).
  • First Aid - Upon successful completion of the RiderCoach Prep Workshop, first aid certification is required prior to advancement to the next level.
  • Pre-Workshop prep
    • Observe classes - ask a RiderCoach to recommend you
    • Help out current RiderCoaches on the range to learn exercise layouts
    • Take the Basic RiderCourse prior to becoming a RiderCoach

There is a non-refundable tuition fee of $100 for this training. If you are called for an interview, please bring a check with you made out to Motorcycle Training Academy, LLC. We also accept credit cards. APPLY EVERY YEAR if you are still interested. Limited opportunities are available HOWEVER new opportunities occur each season.

If selected for training, you are required to provide a copy of your current driving record prior to the first day of training. You are encouraged to bring a copy to the interview in order to expedite review of your application.

Interview Information

  • If we need RiderCoaches in your area, a representative of our office will contact you to arrange an interview.
  • Interviews take place throughout the season.
  • If you do not receive an invitation to an interview, please re-apply.
  • All applications are discarded at the end of the season, so please re-apply.

At MTA, we communicate primarily through email. Although not required to become a RiderCoach, it is extremely advantageous for you to obtain an email address and the ability to access information online.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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