MSF DirtBike School

DBS is a pair of one-day training courses conducted off-road on Enduro motorcycles intended for riders interested in recreational trail riding. Content includes riding skills development, risk management and environmental awareness. Having off-road skills can also enhance the on-road riding experience. The two versions of DBS are:

  • Closed Range Exercise (CRE) course provides training at a controlled off-road area with an emphasis on safety and skill development. Students learn basic techniques for safely riding off-highway motorcycles.
  • Introduction to Trail Riding (ITR) builds on the knowledge developed in the CRE course and teaches more advanced riding skills on actual trails. Lessons may include riding in sand and mud, through creek crossings and ruts, and over rocks, hills and whoop-de-doos.

Motorcycle: Bring your own motorcycle or use one of ours!

Minimum Equipment: Safe off-road or dual-sport motorcycle with appropriate tires for dirt riding and fuel for 6-8 hours of riding, spare spark plug and basic tool kit (plug wrench, etc), DOT helmet, jacket, sturdy pants, gloves, eye protection, over-the-ankle boots. (You can also rent off-road riding gear us.) Hydration packs (CamelBak, canteens, etc) are recommended for all seasons. Long sleeves recommended for summer.

  • Length: 8 hours (1 day)
  • Age: 6 years old - Adult
  • Class Sizes:
    • Ages 6 - 11: maximum of 4 students ($135)
    • Ages 12 - 15: maximum of 6 students ($135)
    • Ages 16 and older: maximum of 8 students ($135)

Note: Ages 6 - 11 cannot be taught with other age groups except in family/group classes.

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