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New Riders

Introductory Motorcycling Experience

Want to try riding a motorcycle, may not be ready to get a license, not sure if riding is the right way to go 2 hour class, motorcycle and helmet supplied by MTA
Basic RiderCourse (BRC) The BRC is designed for beginning riders. 10 hours of riding exercises in a controlled environment provides a complete introduction to motorcycling. Graduates are exempt from DMV motorcycle tests, the most popular learn-to-ride choice. The course is conducted over 2 or 3 sessions Prerequisite: students must be able to ride a bicycle. 15 hours, 10 hours hands-on, motorcycle and helmet supplied by MTA.
Experienced Riders Basic RiderCourse 2 (ERC) The ERC Suite provides current motorcyclists lifelong opportunities for rider education and training. ERC consists of two separate one-day RiderCourses: 1) Skills Practice RiderCourse; 2) the License Waiver RiderCourse.

  • Skills Practice RiderCourse is designed for riders who have successfully completed the BRC or who possess basic riding skills.
  • License Waiver RiderCourse is designed for riders with permits who do not possess a state motorcycle license or endorsement. A state may use this as a license waiver course for experienced riders.

5.5 hours, all hands-on, using your own motorcycle.

Advanced RiderCourse The course is a one-day safety training program for participants who possess basic motorcycling skills and who are licensed or endorsed. It consists of classroom activities and on-cycle exercises. Advanced techniques such as body position, braking, evading, swerving, curving and gap selection are introduced and practiced. This in an MSF "Ride Better" class. 8 hours, combined classroom and riding, using your own motorcycle.
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